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"Trustmark Reviews" In Turkey, founded in September 2017 for the settlement of consumer awareness at EU standards, "Consumer Rights" which you can access all the information, you receive the product or your complaints about products to relevant organizations / firms portal to a social media can be forwarded tor.

Our goal is to produce satisfactory solutions within the framework of trust principles and to give the opportunity of "Complaint or Appreciation" to the consumer, the natural controller of production.  "Trustmark Reviews" Complaints and solutions of consumers are included in the portal. Our site also, consumer surveys, questionnaires are also included.

Working logic;

Consumer complaints added to our website are forwarded to the "customer relations department" of the companies before they are published.

If there are "positive" or "negative" explanations (after a maximum of five working days) sent by the company officials about the complaint or complaints, it will be published with our complaint, otherwise only your complaint will be published on our website.

If the complained company is not the "corporate member" of our portal, your complaint will be forwarded to the relevant company (if it can be delivered) after the approval of the "editor" and put on the website.

Companies that are not corporate members can respond to all complaints at any time.

All information of individual members is not provided to third parties (except for prosecutions and courts), unless they consent.

"aydinwebyazilim.com" in short "CONSUMER - PRODUCER COMMUNICATION BRIDGE" is.