Complaint Publishing Process


When we receive a new complaint...

Membership Verification

"Trustmark Reviews" detects untrue persons by sending an e-mail / sms containing a “verification code a to the complainants in case they write a complaint with the profile information that does not actually exist.


Complaint Analysis

In order for the complaint to be processed, the subject of the complaint must be the problems resulting from the exchange of goods and services and no results. Complaints that do not comply with this condition are filtered at this stage.


Content Control

In order to protect the person who writes the complaint and to prevent unjustified damage to the image of the institution or company, the complaint is forwarded to our editors working in accordance with the lawyer's instructions. Redactors complain; checks whether it is against trade and competition law and trademark rights. In addition, in order to eliminate the possible meaning disorder, corrects the spelling mistakes and, if any, constitutes a crime, makes the complaint ready for publication.


Last Check

The complaint letter, which passes through the person, complaint and content filter, is checked by the quality control team for the last time before it is published on our website.


Complaint Now Available!

Complaints that go through a series of transactions not exceeding 24 hours are forwarded to the institution or company in order to provide a solution as soon as possible. In the meantime, the complaint is published on our website and reaches thousands of followers.


Solution Phase

The institution or company in which the complaint is submitted through four stages, either responds to the publication or communicates with the owner of the complaint in order to produce a solution.