Why Us?


1. To be a citizen questioning, comparing and seeking his / her rights like equivalents in the world,

2. Not to remain silent in the face of poor quality, to show a synergistic reaction,

3. To share your positive or negative opinions about the service or product you use,

4. To present your experiences to the masses,

5. To support the producer with thoughts to produce better,

6. Establishing your future expectations,

7. To give feedback to the manufacturer about the ergonomics of the goods and services used,

8. Obtaining assistance to compensate for the material and moral losses caused by the poor quality,

9. Not content with existing, constantly want better,

10. To be a part of the solution,


1. To obtain healthy information about customer behaviors and trends,

2. To have information about the quality of the service you provide,

3. To get an idea about the tendency of consumer complaints,

4. To see how you are perceived in the market,

5. To benefit from the customer in achieving business excellence,

6. To rationally evaluate the systematic consumer information that is in front of our eyes but which we cannot compensate.

7. Receive consumer complaints and demonstrate that you are brave enough to produce solutions,

8. To be able to use the information coming from the customer in future product designs, to be the leader of the sector.

9. To say "good is bad ve and to search for better;

10. The Secret of Making the Difference: Perceiving Change, Knowing the Customer and Creating Synergy with it

Trustmark Reviews' "to be the first address of everyone looking for quality" vision. We aimed to be an effective solution platform (meeting point) between manufacturer, customer and end user.

You can read the complaints published on the site from the last complaint in order of date, as well as by companies and categories, or you can search through site keywords kullanarak using the in-site search engine. While reading each complaint, you can access the complaint, discussions with the company and comments from third parties about the complaint.

When a new complaint is published on our website, if the complained company is a member of our system, an automatic notification message is sent about the complaint. Each member company has its own web page. Company representatives can access their complaints, negotiation process and contact information of the complainant by entering the company section.

If the company is not a member of our solution platform, contact information and the person responsible for the company are tried to be reached. If they are not aware of our system, detailed information is given about us and reports are made about the current status of complaints received. They are guided to respond to complaints and the membership process is explained. Companies and institutions that insist on being insensitive despite all their efforts are warned every time a new complaint arrives.

In our quality journey, we grow with each passing day with your interest and support.
Trustmark Reviews - The Solution Platform serves to institutionalize the "Every complaint is a gift" paradigm as a value in today's companies and institutions.
Trustmark Reviews, By using the Solution Platform, solutions can be found for the problems related to the goods and services received, and suggestions can be made for firms and institutions and government bodies.