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Get an official, permanent, factory iPhone Unlock by whitelisting your IMEI within the iTunes database. No jailbreak required. Simply connect to iTunes to complete the unlock.

Top Service - iCloud

Hi my name is ahmed iam kurdish honestly in first time i searched for unlock turst website i never ever trust one of them you know scams and whatever is it but when i searched and check about this website !No! this is real i couldnt believing that while i saw in front my eyes unlocked i got shock of happiness its really work i asked for lot lot lot people around me for this service i suggest ya visitor use this website best service and cheap price thanks ...

Great service - ATT USA

It’s a great and super fast service. I have unlock my iPhone for the second time and really I loved it. I have suggested my friends and even they are very happy with the service. Defentely I will try one more time for sure. Thank you so much please continue the same

Outstanding Service! - Vodafone UK - Vodafone UK

It’s really very simple to use this service. No hassles. I was very worried when i read some of the web reviews, but afterwards, i recommend this service, for sure!
Had my iphone 7 unlocked.

iPhone 5s unlocked - Vodafone UK

Today my iphone 5s was unlocked and I am very pleased. It did take almost a week due to problems with the Vodafone unlock servers not being available for unlocking. I had almost given up because it was taking so long. However, official unlock assured me it would happen today and it did, many thanks to Luke in support dept.

Kind regards

Great job - ATT USA

Thank you for the service , the phone now is working fine with other SIM cards ,finished the unlock I less than 5 days.
Will try you again for sure.
Thanks again

Good Service - it works! - Rogers Canada

I sold my iPhone 7 Plus through eBay and needed to unlock my phone. I was able to get a successful unlock through Official iPhone Unlock. If selling your phone, I would recommend you buy the unlock before you sell your device - mine took a week to unlock, and so my buyer was waiting. Luckily he was patient!

Perfeito - ATT USA

Excelente, serviço. meu iphone agora esta desbloqueado como descrito, iTunes já o reconheceu, pois antes sempre mostrava mensagem de Sim Incompatível.
Agradeço pelo serviço.

Worked like a charm after unlock. - ATT USA

I am happy with the results. I replaced the newly unlocked phone with the sim from another locked phone, and the unlocked phone worked with the other phone's sim.

Confidence & Trusted - Softbank Japan

at the first time, I had only less than 30% confidence with the service to unlocked the iPhone 6plus from japan, after going through some comparison, I decided to pay and choose to unlocked the iPhone 6plus.
in Summary, I've satisfied with the services and boost my confidence to 100%. You can trust 100% ! Thanks.

just wonderful but took. a lil longer over all good service - O2 UK

Good service keep up the gud work but could have done it a lil faster but no worries its gud enough happy with it keep up the gud work ..... hmmm its nice that it work as instructed so dint have to do a lot of things good to know that u have written the menu what to do an all

Not cheap - BUT GOOD SERVICE - Vodafone UK

I was very worried when i read the web reviews for this service, but worry not. The unlock took 8 days and worked perfectly.

A good service and I now have an unlocked Iphone 7.


Iphone unlocked at Last - EE UK

Pheww.....Iphone unlocked at last. Given time was 24 - 48 hrs but took 4-5 days to get unlocked. Emailed customer service twice. Was advised that It all depends on network server. Sometimes its quick and sometimes it takes few days. Mine took few days but was done at last

Best website in the worl - EE UK

Hello people,Recently they are unlocked my phone Iphone 6S EE UK!!
During to unlock - 2 days
Best team and 24/7 mail support
So 10/10
Get an official, permanent, factory iPhone Unlock by whitelisting your IMEI within the iTunes database. No jailbreak required. Simply connect to iTunes to complete the unlock.


Worked for me! - Three UK

The process for me took close to thirteen working days so its not particularly fast, this was an Iphone unlock from three UK and I'm led to believe that this is often the case when unlocking a three handset. Once the email arrived the phone was connected to iTunes and all is now good! I would have appreciated being kept informed about the delay but no such communication took place but otherwise I'm very pleased.

Our timeframe has increased dramatically since you wrote your review, in fact Three UK unlocks within 4 hours now guaranteed.

best of all - Activation Lock

If u really want to unlock your hone. then i will always recommend this officiaiphonelunlock they are the best of all. They do some delays as given provided online 24Hrs but 100 gauranteed in one week max. they will never let u down

Very Helpfull but didnt give me another choice for one uncompleted unlock! - Mobiltel Bulgaria

Everythink is Good Is Real ! I completed one unlock and one network check for now!
One Unlock didnt complete because od Apple Replacement and i didnt have another choice from site !

For the Apple replacement, if you contact support you will be able to get credits against a different unlock. Please use the order status tab.

Best site ever - Sprint USA

It took me months for a place or sites to get my phone unlock but when I came across this site I was very skeptical because of some of the reviews but I took the chance anyways and Walla it took a good min but it's finally unlocked and I couldn't be any happier

Trustworthy partner - Softbank Japan

At first im hesitant to try this unlocking method due to many fraud in the internet business industry but after reading the comments of those people who avail this unlocking process, I take the risk & wolah! Its done after waiting for 10 days :)

Absolute fantastic.. worked like a charm.. I had my apprehensions earlier but i truly satisfied with the experience. genuine website and genuine service.. Will sure use it again.. - ATT USA

At the outset i was bit apprehensive to try the internet based unlock service but after little bit of digging this site is what i chose because of the reviews it got. I am truly surprised to see this work within such a short span of time. Excellent site and excellent service. Be rest assure that you wont be cheated as i was more than glad to see it work. As promised it was delivered OTA. Keep it up guys, looking forward to use it again.

You guys are great - O2 UK

Top quality service, I recently purchased an iPhone 8 locked to o2, took a little longer than normal as this is a newly released phone 5 days in total, updates on progress where great, phone is working perfectly would highly recommended this site, again top job thank you so much

A1 service highly recommend - ATT USA

Great service I didn't think it was gonna work at first be it did and I'm extremely happy will recommend to everyone. The Time frame was very quick also

Great service, but time frame exceeded - Mobiltel Bulgaria

I do highly recommend this service it's awesome, the only gripe is I was quoted 24 hours for unlock and after 24 hours I was worried I'd been conned lol.
The unlock however was completed within 48 hours and has been problem free

Amazing Service A++++ - O2 UK

Amazing Service Was very Quick to Unlock my Iphone 6 From O2 to Factory Unlocked. now i cna use My New Phone, Thank you OfficialiPhoneUnlock, will use you again

excellent service - O2 UK

they are not scam, i was hesitant at first but paid them and got my phone unlocked which was also barred. i am currently trying to icloud activation unlock.


The process is easy to follow. You can always check the progress of your IMEI unlock.
I waited around 10 days and now my iPhone is unlocked from KDDI Japan. I just restarted it with my old sim card (ATT Mexico) and is now working perfectly!
Thank you so much! Great service, worth every penny

Unbelievable service took six days to unlock my iPhone 7 works like a charm! - ATT USA

Bought an iPhone 7 locked to att... after shopping around decided to try this service. I highly recommend worth the money.. yes you pay a little extra but service is amazing!

Quick and painless! - Vodafone UK

I recently unlocked my iPhone 4S that had previously been locked to Vodafone. I was a little skeptical of Official iPhone Unlock because there are so many scammers out there. However, everything worked great; my phone was unlocked within a couple days even though the average wait is up to a week. The instruction email was clear and I had no problem getting everything to work. One tiny complaint is that website and emails used pics from older versions of iTunes, but I have a newer version, so I wasn't sure what my screen should look like or whether the program would function in the same way (it did). So, ultimately, no harm done. I was a bit bummed about having to factory restore my phone and re-load all my 6,000 songs, but that's not the company's fault--it's just what is required for some unlocks. Overall, I'm very pleased with the experience and looking forward to being able to use my phone on any network when I travel.

No problems - EE UK

It took two days for the unlock to be processed (48 hours plus) and I was worried as a couple of places online said this service was a scam however I was kept updated frequently and my I phone 5c on EE network is now unlocked with no problems and I can use my 02 sim. Overall would definitely recommend

May take longer than you expect - Movil Dominican Republic

Unlock does exactly what it says on the tin, unlocked on Apple's database but may take a lot longer than you expect. Whilst polite customer services do not really answer or have the ability to answer your questions. If you stick with it they will get the job done.

Works - Sprint USA

Was a little bit insecure at the beginning but after some wait and some money spent it was unlocked. Thanks for the help and respond to all my messages sent.


very good service!!! - Sprint USA

I bought an iphone6s plus in the ebay,when I received it,I found it was locked by Sprint US,then the seller give me the adress of your web,it take 6 days to unlock the phone,and now I can use it in my sim of Singapore Telecom,and I check the gxs,the activation policy is 2303 multi-mode unlock.Be trustworthy,thank you.

Good and fast service - ATT USA

Thanks to the team I unlocked 3 devices in 10 days service was as described correct most phones have been unlocked in 3 days just one took 5 days but for that I can't juge them since they have been as blacklisted/stolen/lost phones..I am from the USA and right now in EUROPE and the cell phones work 100% I would use this service definitely again!! Thanks to OfficialPhoneUnlock and there team for the updates

Parait - Softbank Japan

J'ai utilisé ce service pour la première fois, après avoir passé commande et validé le déblocage, il vous suffit d'attendre et vous recevez une confirmation par courrier électronique.
Je recommande à tous !!!!!!!

Desbloqueio completo Brazil - Vodafone UK

Gostei muito do trabalho,
poderia ter sido um pouco mais rápido, mas estou satisfeito mesmo assim!

Great Service. Took a while but I am a satisfied client. - Fido Canada

I had my doubts at first, but after waiting for about a week, received the email that my phone has been unlocked. I then tried a couple of different sim cards from different providers & it worked... =)
Definitely recommend them...

Absolutely legitimate, well worth the small fee for the stellar service they provide! - iCloud Unlock

The service is provided EXACTLY how it is explained on the website. So i knew from other blogs and websites that the overwhelming majority of the companies providing these types of services are fakes and designed to rip vulnerable people off that have for the most part already been mislead by buying phones and ipads that are either network or icloud locked or even both. They pray on the weak and misinformed. Its nice to know there are still honest people in the world that provide the services that they advertise for a reasoable fee by anyones standards and do it in a timely fashion with a friendly staff that keeps you updated on the progress of your order every step of the way. My ipad that i purchased legitimately from an auction that sells electronics left on planes at major airports and never claimed was icloud locked. After numerous attempts to get the previous owner to sign my ipad out of icloud with not even the courtesy of a response to an email, ended up wiping it and activating icloud lock. I couldnt have been more shocked, even after offering $50 dollars to do so. Long story short, the service provided is amazing and will definately be promoted by me to others in similar situations.

Exellent result but expensive - Mobiltel Bulgaria

My iPhone was locked and I cound't use it in Belgium but after starting the procedure they unlocked my iPhone, the only thing is it's quite expensive... I payed 100£ in total

awesome service - O2 UK Barred

good service , my phone got unlocked in just 3 days
thanks to team
i spent lot of money on fake websites but finally i got perfect website for unlock
very good service

TMobile USA iphone7 - T-Mobile USA

Seri competenti e risposte pronte, i numeri 1!!
I tempi sono 1 po lunghi ma non e’ coloa loro e’ questione del vettore per il resto il prezzo e’ abbordabile
Grazie dall’italia

The promised e-mail didn't come! - Movil Dominican Republic

I checked several times on my phone to check the progress but it wouldn't work but I was worried as you said you would e-mail me when the procedure was complete. Eventually I checked the progress on my computer. To find that it had already unlocked . So beside all that the whole thing was quite straight forward and I would recommend anyone to do it on line. So if I ever I have to do it again, I'll make sure to check the progress on a computer and not an my phone inter-net.

took a few days to complete but unlike other companies it actually worked. FULLY RECOMMEND!! - O2 UK

took a few days to complete but unlike other companies it actually worked. FULLY RECOMMEND!! with other companies i was messed around and i would have to wait weeks to get my money back here they completed it in 2 days.

Awesome service - Activation Lock

Saved my Ipad from the depths of the pit of Icoud h*ll.
Fast and it worked great. Will use again if I need it.
Awesome team that will help you out.
I highly recommend this companies service.

100% - Vodafone UK

everything ok, good job everything ok, good job everything ok, good job everything ok, good job everything ok, good job everything ok, good job everything ok, good job everything ok, good job everything ok, good jobeverything ok, good job everything ok, good job everything ok, good job

Don't believe negative reviews - O2 UK

I registered to unlock a phone and after limited progress within 48hrs started to panic and I read a couple negative reviews. Wish I hadn't as 24hrs later the phone was unlocked so fully recommend the service.

Great job - EE UK

I bought a phone not realizing it was locked, i found this website and thought i give it a go and 3 days later my phone is unlocked really pleased would recommend it to anyone who needs their phone unlocked. Great job thanks

Wonderful - T-Mobile USA

I highly recommend this service. It's official and my phone was unlocked in a week . I would use it again if the need ever calls for it. I was skeptical at first but no need to be

molto buono - T-Mobile USA

consiglio vivamente. ero scettico pero mi sono ricreduto e alla fine hanno avuto ragione loro. grazie official iPhone ulock siete i migliori

Excellent service - Bell Canada

As easy as stated, delivery was well within stipulated estimates. Phone works now, flawlessly. Status updates as and when required calmed all my fears.

Took a few days longer than expected, but in the end my phone was indeed unlocked successfully. - Rogers Canada

Took 8 business days to get my phone unlocked and result was delivered! Phone unlocked! Thank-you.

Great services - EE UK

I recommend this service, now I can use my iPhone 6s in any country, I waiting 3 days but now i very happy ,thank you very much .
Arkadiusz Madry

AAA+++ - Rogers Canada

Great service! Highly recommended.. My phone is unlocked. Before had a problem unlocking it. But the second time I purchased it was perfect! Take 3-4days to unlock so its fast. Thanks a lot!!

Desbloqueo exitoso - ATT USA

Excelente servicio. Fueron cinco días que transcurridos desde que realice la orden y el pago. Mientras que me mantenía al tanto del progreso en la página del proveedor del servicio. Los recomiendo; buen trabajo. Saludos desde Tlaxcala;México!

Trusted Unlocking Company - Vodafone UK

Hello All,
I bought iPhone 6 from high street discount mobile seller. But phone was locked. I try searched online look for trusted unlock company went through one website it cost me £3.99 only but they failed to unlock but they did refund. I then tried officialiphoneuock finally I received positive result which my iPhone is unlocked. Therefore I would recommend 100% this company to unlock your iPhone guaranteed. So don't panic trust them they will unlock your phone. It's worth it for all stress...! The reason I took chance because I read good reviews about this unlock company.

Outstanding Service! - Sprint USA

Not gonna lie was a little sketched out at first but did it anyways because of all the positive reviews and i DO NOT REGRET IT! Had the phone ready to go in just a few days! Reccomend!!!

Excellent Service!!! - EE UK

Excellent Service.
I Love being able to see the progress of the unlock and being able to use my phone whilst it happens in the background!
Thanks Very Much!!!

Fantástico - Vodafone UK

Después de probar en tres sitios di con officialiPhoneUnlock y han sido los únicos en lograr desbloquear mi iPhone de UK. No entiendo la cantidad de criticas que recibís ni la cantidad de páginas donde ponen que sois un fake (que conste que tenía mis dudas porque vi esas críticas después de contratar). Puedo asegurar que no lo sois. El precio es razonable y el resultado es inmejorable. Muchas gracias. No dudéis que os recomendaré a todo el que se me ponga por delante.

Un saludo cordial

10 - O2 UK

I just can't believe it my phone had been unlocked and two days wow I like this company and the company if the best thank you so much

Excellant service easy to follow instructions, thankyou. - EE UK

Excellent service and easy instructions to follow. Did take a little longer than I first thought it would, but now understand that's par for the course. Thank you.


I am over satisfied with the service they provided. Wasn’t to expensive and my iPhone 7 + was unlocked in 3 days! Now I can use my phone with any provider and I couldn’t be happier! Thank you so much!!

tested and trusted - ATT USA

the experience here is unbelievable, it took them just two days to unlock my 7s.i'm so happy, i'm very impressed , thanks you very much, i would patronize again and again

excellent sevice - Softbank Japan

agora ua kdd japan e negative mas docomo japan ok softbank ok da softbank deu tudo certo da docomo também
Mas somente da kdd japan vocês não desbroqueio não deu certo mas muito obrigado vocês forao justo comigo

It’s simple to use and it works - Softbank Japan

It’s really very simple to use your service. No hassles. I got my iPhone 5s unlocked from Softbank Japan. It works now in India. It took 1 week to get it done. And price seems to be on higher side. Nevertheless I am very happy as I am able to use my phone.

Iphone 7 unlocked - O2 UK

i had my iphone 7 locked to O2 UK , i was a little bit afraid to pay money firstly but now after 4 days it seems to be right choice.My phone is fully unlocked even after a software update.
Thanks for your service.

Good job!! - Vodafone UK

They done my iphone 7,it took 4 days but finally i’m pleased with the job now...the site is not a scam...the phone was locked on vodafone

super!!! ca marche enfin !!! iphone 5s entierement debloqué - EE UK

ca marche réellement très bon suivi de procédure Tout est Parfait pour moi mon téléphone iPhone 5 S bloqué sur l'operateur étranger EE network est enfin opérationnel je suis très satisfaite ,délais de 1 semaine mais ca vaut le coup d'attendre merci!

Amazing - Activation Lock

Wow! My phone was unlocked faster than I thought. The whole process was fast and easy and the pricing was fair, kudos. Am sure doing business with you again. Tested n Trusted

Words Best Icloud Removal Website - iCloud

Best best best website i unlocked my iphone 7 plus in just 20 pounds... best best best thankyou official icloud removal I would love to tell peoples about you.. everyone should unlock their device from here love you all guysssss thankyou thankyou thankyou

Good but over priced! - Movil Dominican Republic

Had to unlocks gf's old iphone 4 coz she lost her new phone on another network. Website said it would take 48 hours but this took over 72 hours.
Good service overall coz the iphone is unlocked now,
just took its time and cost is too high coz 02 unlocked my old iphone for free when I changed to another network.

سوى استخدام - Sprint USA

نسيت رمز الايكلود بسبب عدم استخدامه بصوره صحيح وتم ايقاف ايفون بسبب ذلك
بسبب كثرة استخدام توقف نظام ابل لذلك الجهاز
للملقمنز بمنفسذزتقب لنممغي تعل لرهفير

Unlocked in six days - and that includes the bank holiday. - Vodafone UK

It took just six days to unlock, and that included the bank holiday. Can't complain about that!

ปลดไอคราวผ่านเว็บไซต์ - iCloud

แจ้งปลดลอคไอคราวผ่านเว็บแต่ขึ้นติดแจ้งหาย ขอช่วยระบบจัดการให้อย่างโดยเร็วที่สุด เพราะเราได้จ่ายค่าเสียเวลาให้คุณไปแล้ว ขอบคุณในการช่วยเหลือในครั้งนี้ เราจะกลับมาใช้บริการคุณอีกแน่นอน

it works like MAGIC.... - Rogers Canada

They're able to factory unlock my Iphone 4 locked to Rogers Canada.. it took 2 weeks to unlock my handset.. which makes me worry a lot.. but the support system is good. you just need a lot of patience while waiting for your handset to unlock.. Good work guys, I should have give u guys a 5 stars, but with the delays.. A 3 stars is not to shabby... thanks..

It did really work out quick and easy. - O2 UK

I was told my unlocking would take 2months... But from here i happen to unlock it in just 3-4 days time. I do definatly suggest this to all people who want to unlock their phone

Thank you very much, I would definitely recommend and avail of your service if needed. - Softbank Japan

I was hesitant at first because a lot of sites are scam these days. I'm happy I took the risk, now my Dad's iPhone (Softbank locked) is now unlocked. Thank you very much. I give 4 stars because I think you could still improve on delivery time. Cheers!

Excelente - EE UK

La verdad que al principio desconfié un poco,
pero salió todo perfecto y dentro del tiempo
establecido,asi que ya puedo disfrutar de mi
telefono muchas gracias

Unlocked my iPhone in less than 5 days - Sprint USA

Great customer service, Completed everything as promised. Stayed in full communication throughout the promise. David really helped out. I will definitely use them in the future if I need a phone unlocked.

Great Service! - O2 UK

Full unlock of an iPhone 6 in less than 48 hours. Communication is good and the tracker showing the progress a particularly useful feature. Well worth it to deliver a fully approved permanent unlock.

At last - Rogers Canada

Wow! What a relief. After sending my imei to the company I regularly work with and they were not able to unlock the phone I didn't know what else to do. So after searching the net I saw this site. I sent them my code on the 30th July and it was finally unlocked on the 9th August after trying to twice. I didn't have the confidence in them because of an articles i saw on the internet about them being scammers but at the end they came through. Thanks.

Success unlock iPhone 6s plus from KDDI-Japan. THANKS! - KDDI Japan

After 4 days waiting finally, I can activated my phone (6Splus) with my local simcard, after locked by KDDI Japan.
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