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Get an official, permanent, factory iPhone Unlock by whitelisting your IMEI within the iTunes database. No jailbreak required. Simply connect to iTunes to complete the unlock.

in the words of gary barlow...absolutly fantastic. - EE UK

Used this site many times and I'm a believer in you get what you pay for and even though it is a bit pricey they never fail to unlock your phone will definitely use again

Fantastic - O2 UK

You're fantastic. You do what you say and fast. I'm very happy with your services. 5 stars is not enough. Thanks. I recommend strongly your honest services. And most important we don't need to go somewhere, we can do everything at our office or home.

100% genuine - O2 UK

I was sceptical but this is a great service. I was kept informed by email. Took 3 days to complete but well worth it. I will definitely use officialphoneunlock again. Thanks again

Fantastic service,Not Fake 100% genuine. - O2 UK

First after ordering and saw review on youtube i thought they are fake company but trust me they are not .they will unlock your phone with .Order with 100% confidence.they unlock my phone 7 plus in a week i know time frame is lengthy but at the end the result is 100%.i am so happy .this is not a fake review .A++++++++ company.

Excellent job - Verizon USA

You guys done a great job unlocking my iPhone 7 plus / Initially am sceptical using your service but decided to pre-order the unlock and process is like a breeze

Good job guys

Good, its take 6 days without weekend - Softbank Japan

Iit's work perfectly.
Unlock my iphone 6 plus (softbank Japan)
I recomend to all and I will use this service again if I need. Good work

Great Job - Softbank Japan

A safety unlock website.Thank you so much for unlocking my Iphone 5s from softbank japan..Thank you so much for the good service!

Quick and painless! - Vodafone UK

I recently unlocked my iPhone 4S that had previously been locked to Vodafone. I was a little skeptical of Official iPhone Unlock because there are so many scammers out there. However, everything worked great; my phone was unlocked within a couple days even though the average wait is up to a week. The instruction email was clear and I had no problem getting everything to work. One tiny complaint is that website and emails used pics from older versions of iTunes, but I have a newer version, so I wasn't sure what my screen should look like or whether the program would function in the same way (it did). So, ultimately, no harm done. I was a bit bummed about having to factory restore my phone and re-load all my 6,000 songs, but that's not the company's fault--it's just what is required for some unlocks. Overall, I'm very pleased with the experience and looking forward to being able to use my phone on any network when I travel.

It works - O2 UK

Thanks for being true to your claim! It really work and I have used it twice. Hope to use this service more in future.
Keep working to offer best price

it works like MAGIC.... - Rogers Canada

They're able to factory unlock my Iphone 4 locked to Rogers Canada.. it took 2 weeks to unlock my handset.. which makes me worry a lot.. but the support system is good. you just need a lot of patience while waiting for your handset to unlock.. Good work guys, I should have give u guys a 5 stars, but with the delays.. A 3 stars is not to shabby... thanks..

Exellent service - EE UK

I came across so many sites offering the same service but all failed and wasted time. Honestly its worth every penny on this site. Solved my issue in 4 days only even though it said it could take up to 7 days. Many thanks site admins. Keep up hard work and i will definitely use this service again without a hesitation. I also suggest this service to everyone and please do not have doubts.

very fast - T-Mobile USA

very good service quickly and professional. i would like that could be a little more cheaper but the service was fast. I recomend this site to unlock iphone.

Quick Delivery - Three UK

I had my iPhone 4S locked to 3UK(Hutchison) within just 12hours of applying for the unlock. OfficialiPhone delivered just on time. I'll recommend this service anytime.

Cracking Job - EE UK

As many other reviews state, I too was hesitant in ordering the unlock as there are many websites offering the same service but the reviews are a mixed bag, so I decided to take a leap of faith and ordered the unlock on a Friday morning, by Monday morning it was complete with no issues!
The whole process was very simple and I was kept up to date throughout, the price can be expensive but if you want a service that truly works then this is the best one.
Many thanks

Over moon with service my phone unlock and working ok - O2 UK

Service was great my iPhone working well good value for money I recommend to use the company for unlocking a iPhone

100% legit website and fast service highly recomended - ATT USA

I place an order for iPhone 7plus AT&T and it got unlock with in a week great customer service and they update you every other day.
Great work officialiphoneunlock higly recomended.

Great service - ATT USA

Great service great customer service it took a little time to get my iPhone 7 unlocked but it was well worth the wait .i would highly recommend this unlocking service to everyone

1dayunlock - ATT USA

i placed the order around 5 am and the next day got an email confirmation ...i didn't think it would work .... man was i wrong phone works great (att to tmobile )

Sblocco riuscito! - EE UK

iPhone 6S plus Acquistato su eBay come sbloccato risultava invece bloccato con l'operatore EE UK. Fatto richiesta di sblocco il 21/12/16 e sbloccato il 04/01/16.
Durante l'attesa sono stato tenuto informato sullo stato dello sblocco in modo sufficientemente preciso. Non metto 5 stelle per la politica dei prezzi opaca.

Unlocked iPhone 5c successfully - EE UK

Unlocked my iPhone 5c successfully from the factory set EE lock. Only disappointed took longer than expected. ? Due to being just after Christmas. Company emailed informing of the EE server delay

Thanks! Unlocked t-mobile uk - T-Mobile UK

a great company! I recommend to all! Thank you!! a little long but worth it !!! It was blocked for t-mobile uk. 21.11 posted. 26.11 received. Thank you!

Excellent service apart from the fact it took 5 days to unlock se from 02 - O2 UK

Excellent service apart from the fact it took 5 days to unlock se from 02. would highly recommend

Excellent service - ATT USA

your work is excellent without any trouble i was able to unlock my phone Overall service is good . Thanks.Great company for mobile unlock.I appreciate your work! I will buy your service again

Great job - ATT USA

Great website, fast unlock service!!
unlocked my iPhone in 4 days.
great and fast service. i love this website.
fast email answers and clear messages.
highly recommended.
Good prices..

Unbelievable they did it..highly recommended - Softbank Japan

Price is little bit high compare with others.but 100%guaranteed.My iPhone 64 was locked to SoftBank in Japan...but official made it unlocked forever...highly recommended website 100% feedback...daily update currant status...

All i can say is AWESOME Service!! - O2 UK

I am always very dubious about these unlock sites, as i have been scammed in the past, but i really needed to have my iPhone 7 Plus unlock and couldnt wait for O2 to do it after 24 months or when i paid off my phone, so i used this site and i am so pleased, some people say its expensive but i feel its worth its money as you get your phone sim free at the end of it, Paid for it on 23rd Dec and was unlock today, Christmas day fabtastic!! Thank you Officialiphoneunlock, thumbs up!!

More than happy with the service! - O2 UK

Quick and easy - I was slightly hesitant at first as it might've been a scam but after reading the reviews I decided to go ahead. Turned out all fine and my iPhone is now unlocked and fully working! The circle tracker was very engaging and my phone was fully unlocked a few hours after it said 70%. Paid on Tuesday, phone was unlocked by Saturday. Good value for money too.

super satisfied customer! - Sprint 99x USA is a REAL review from a REAL person. this is my second unlock from this website. first one was an iPhone 4s that had some complications but eventually it got unlocked so i was kinda expecting to get my second unlock in about at least a month. but i was really surprised to get an email from the customer service that the unlock was ready in less than 5 DAYS!!
i would really REALLY recommend this website to anyone who wants to get his iPhone unlocked .. this website is NOT a scam website.. this is a trustworthy one and i would come back and ask for an unlock everytime i need one.

Another service great!! - O2 UK

i used second time unlock iPhone. Service is great and honesty.
Up to 72h promise and done.
I recommend this website . And I think I will be back again in the future!

Exellent result but expensive - Mobiltel Bulgaria

My iPhone was locked and I cound't use it in Belgium but after starting the procedure they unlocked my iPhone, the only thing is it's quite expensive... I payed 100£ in total

Very good - ATT USA

Very good unlocked barred iPhone
Took a little bit of time but overall good time and good value, works perfectly and theyramwefe helpful. Enjoy using the phone and nice to have a barred system

4 days but ex service 100% recommended - O2 UK

Took 4days but 100% worked shops wanted 2 weeks to do it I will do using again in the future 100% excellent service not a fake thanks again A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

it worked - ATT USA

I read some discouraging reviews after i had already paid $19.99 for my unlock however my iPhone 5s from AT&T was unlocked within 3 days. I am very pleased that it worked in such a short time and that it wasn't at all a scam

Fantastic, saved me a fortune. -

Unlocked two iPhone 6Plus - locked by Softbank - through this service since I was relocating to London from Tokyo. First phone took close to two weeks, second phone 8 days. Softbank themselves only started offering unlocks to 6S/6Splus, so without this service, I would had to buy two new phones (7s). Thanks to this service, I saved a ton of money, which I was able to spend on other essentials in my relocation. Thank you indeed!

Worked great! - ATT USA

Read from this website on another website checked prices and ordered my sim unlock. Just waited a few days until an email was received and iphone unlocked!
Worked great for me. I fully recommend it to anyone.

Phone unlocked a lot quicker than they said - VODAFONE UK

Daughter couldn't wait so kept trying Phone and found it was unlocked after one and a half days but kept receiving texts to tell me it would be done soon. So check yourself as doesn't take as long as quoted .

CNS - iCloud

Unlock icound, i forgot pass and id icloud, I cant active iphone when restore and upadate IOS 10.x.x.x , , , Notication This iphone is linked to an Apple, Enter the Apple ID
Thanks you so much

Very Helpfull but didnt give me another choice for one uncompleted unlock! - Mobiltel Bulgaria

Everythink is Good Is Real ! I completed one unlock and one network check for now!
One Unlock didnt complete because od Apple Replacement and i didnt have another choice from site !

For the Apple replacement, if you contact support you will be able to get credits against a different unlock. Please use the order status tab.

Finally ! - O2 UK

I got my iPhone 7 locked to the O2 network free from the shackles yesterday, after 12 days of waiting. Being a new release, it took quite a while, but the job is done !

The naysayers have nothing to say now.

Thanks to the team for everything.


Unlocked my iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 both locked to sprint.
It took a few days but now they are both unlocked and usable on ATT!
:D :D:D:DD:D:D:D:D:D

The best for sure! - ATT Express USA

Second time using this still the best at what it does!
I love the fact that they always send emails letting you know that the order is being taken care of and doing their best to have my iphone unlocked! This is my second time and they still rocks! I bought my phone under a contract from AT&T but i needed it unlocked to use it overseas, it took longer time but i was sure they are doing their best to work it out!

super - Telus Canada

It is now unlocked! yes after 7 days, but it is working.
I have already unlock many mobiles in with this site and I will many more. it is the cheapest and most trustful.

Worked for me! - Three UK

The process for me took close to thirteen working days so its not particularly fast, this was an Iphone unlock from three UK and I'm led to believe that this is often the case when unlocking a three handset. Once the email arrived the phone was connected to iTunes and all is now good! I would have appreciated being kept informed about the delay but no such communication took place but otherwise I'm very pleased.

Our timeframe has increased dramatically since you wrote your review, in fact Three UK unlocks within 4 hours now guaranteed.

Success :) - Fido Canada

Happy with the overall service. The only comment would be its little expensive otherwise you folks are a good team and do a excellent team work.

Successfully unlocked my phone - Telus Canada

Thank you for unlocking my iphone, it took few more days than expected, but finally it unlocked my iphone.
I have never been unlocked online before also i didn't have trust on this site before but after 100%unlocking my phone I am well satisfied for the site service and will use in future also.
I recommend this website to all and just be patience for time,

May take longer than you expect - Movil Dominican Republic

Unlock does exactly what it says on the tin, unlocked on Apple's database but may take a lot longer than you expect. Whilst polite customer services do not really answer or have the ability to answer your questions. If you stick with it they will get the job done.

Excellent straight forward service - O2 UK

Thank you so much for the help in unlocking my phone from O2 network. Really easy service to use. Highly recommend others to use this company for this service. Thanks again

It worked - great service !! - Vodafone UK

My phone was unlocked 4 days after I ordered it which I couldn't believe as it was too good to be true! Thank you Official IPhone Unlock, I will use again.

Good but over priced! - Movil Dominican Republic

Had to unlocks gf's old iphone 4 coz she lost her new phone on another network. Website said it would take 48 hours but this took over 72 hours.
Good service overall coz the iphone is unlocked now,
just took its time and cost is too high coz 02 unlocked my old iphone for free when I changed to another network.

Not a scam - EE UK

It is not a scam. Unlocked my iPhone prefect I thought was it is not thanks guy would recommend for other people to get it done if they need it unlocked fast happy with the service I got would use them again

Very good service - T-Mobile USA

Very good service, quickly and professional control of the unlocking process. I recomend this site and this company. I think it could be more cheaper but it was fast.

Great service, but time frame exceeded - Mobiltel Bulgaria

I do highly recommend this service it's awesome, the only gripe is I was quoted 24 hours for unlock and after 24 hours I was worried I'd been conned lol.
The unlock however was completed within 48 hours and has been problem free

They did it agen - EE UK

It is worth weiting they did it agen iphon 6s plus from UK EE. Leve you gays my phone works agen and I very hapy. Vi vil work agen. Sory for my bad english bat I hop that you and all anderstand what I mean to say .Tx

Excellent service - EE UK - EE UK

My Phone Was Unlocked From EE A Lot Faster Than Was Stated On The Website All The Costs Were Very Clear Before I Paid,

Satisfied - Sprint 99x USA

I thought it just another scam websites, but I try it, and it can unlock my iphone 5 that locked to sprint network, I satisfied and recommended to use their services

The promised e-mail didn't come! - Movil Dominican Republic

I checked several times on my phone to check the progress but it wouldn't work but I was worried as you said you would e-mail me when the procedure was complete. Eventually I checked the progress on my computer. To find that it had already unlocked . So beside all that the whole thing was quite straight forward and I would recommend anyone to do it on line. So if I ever I have to do it again, I'll make sure to check the progress on a computer and not an my phone inter-net.

Great !! - Softbank Japan

A safety unlock website !! Thank you so much for unlocking my Iphone 5s. It took few more days than expected, but finally it unlocked !! Recommend this website to all and just be patience for time.

awesome service - Tesco Mobile

unlock is processed very fastly and there was not much waiting time..thnak you and i reccomond this site its genuine when compared to most of the sites..and im still waiting for more 3 iphones to be unlocked and i feel these will unlocked soon

Great Service Great Seller - T-Mobile UK

I had a problem with my phone as after one year it locked back but I sent email to the sales team and they helped me solving this problem and brought my phone back to live.
Thank you very much for this great support
I left bad feedback before and I'm pulling it back cause my problem has been solved after an email to the sales team which they respond and sort it out in 3 days.
Thank you.

Great Service as Committed - O2 UK

I would recommend those who stuck with their Iphones please use to get benefited from their immense service. For sure i will give them chance to serve us in near future.

Adeel Khan

iphone se unlock - O2 UK

Thank you, guyz for unlocking, I'm traveling a lot & the roaming is not so cheap, now I can use my phone everywhere with any sim, I really appreciate your help. you did it faster as I expected, thanks once more

10/10 First Class Service - EE UK

Would highly recommend this service , certainly know what they are doing,
not one of these companies who mess you about with excuses and take your money and do not deliver.
This is a genuine unlocking service.

Amazing site - O2 UK

I contacted 02 to see if they could unlock the new iphone 5s I just got and they said no so I payed on this site and it was unlocked in 5 days well worth the money as it takes a lot longer with other company's

Thank you guys

Secure and safe, job done - Softbank Japan

I am happy with the service offered and price i payed to unlock my iphone 6s. Nice trust worthy iphone unlocking site.
Thank you.

Brilliant - EE UK

A big thanks to you guys I will have one happy grandson on Christmas Day great service with no hassle very much appreciated I had my doubts at first as I have never had to do this with a phone before followed the tracking system which kept me updated on the progress which was a great help

It was an excellent service - Telus Canada

It was an excellent service, website and professional service, although it was a bit expensive for Mexico. I liked that they kept me informed about the status of unlocking by email.

It only took 4 days (expected 7) and yes it worked on my IPhone 6plus (Sprint USA)!!! - Sprint USA

It only took 4 days (expected 7) and yes it worked on my IPhone 6plus (Sprint USA)!!! I was able to track progress multiple times daily. On the 4th day I checked before bed with 67% progress. I woke up as I received an email alert thirty minutes later telling me that my phone is unlocked. I would not hesitate to use this service if I were to need it again!

Not a Scam Site.. - Softbank Japan

14 Dec 2016 16:22:40 - Simply turn on your iPhone, connect to WiFi and then insert any sim.
We would love you to leave a review of our service here!

thats the proof :D thanks OfficialIphoneUnlock!

Great Unlocking service. - Sprint USA

Unique Unlocking services.. apart from having to verify each transaction I made , I didn't have any doubts or worries about their services @ all because the always come through.. Sprint iPhone 6s Plus..29 Oct-03 Nov.... Unlocked... Thank you guyz..

Excellent service - EE UK

My phone was unlocked from the EE network a lot faster than was stated on the website (around 6 hours) all the costs were very clear before I paid, highly recommended service

value for money and service - ATT USA

one of the best I got for the money i spent and it was really very fast and easy to unlock. Just go through the instructions and its done. I have lost money from last two providers. I should have first tried this one before trying other shit providers. Keep up the service.

Fully works - EE UK

Was sceptic at first but kept me well informed
About status did take nearly two weeks but they did tell me and let me know and with it being Christmas period was expecting delay but my phone is fully unlocked thanks so much

Excellent service - T-Mobile USA

These guys are capable of unlocking Network locked and barred phones. All that you have to do is insert sim after you receive unlocked message and start using phone. only issue is delay in unlocking due to no of orders but for sure they will unlock your phone.
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